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layered design & lifestyle


happy cristmeas and a merry new year to all and everyone, hugs to the ones flying in these days, for the reunions, the wakups, the good energies, the changes, the good flows, the dreams, for getting the best out of eachother, for sharing , listning and all the good stuf to cum, for ourelves, forContinue reading “sunhug”

only the lonely

another sig and more music… my way – frank sinatra…to granpas and garnadams of the world… that did it thir way…granny landing on thursday…apearently she has a turtle now…and bought 2 crabs and let them run around the house last time was here..lookin fwd to have fun together, last time had a photo sesssion inContinue reading “only the lonely”

in the world of luc besson´s angelA

hanging in with ms mums…red wino and within a mind of a raw moment snatcher (photographic catcher) sometimes we find a movie that get deeper mmm.. that u can feel…beyond the first layers of the onion (..)… inner fights, energies and changes, we all have our battles..and feelinugs that makes us weaker and stronger…discovering everythingsContinue reading “in the world of luc besson´s angelA”


need some rest, am tired…want to pijama lounge and sleep….have a flight ticket! yeah! bubblebaths! but gonna gonna be a loooong day….bazooka and roundups