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Just jumped on the thought of choices..why do we choose the thing we choose, and how much is a choice determind by a set of events around us…if in total liberty to choose, how much would the surroundings effect?  I guess there are some choices we sometimes don´t think about so much…as on a autopilots..onContinue reading “A CHOICE GRID”


Muon launch from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo. sent in by mr wavekid Where is the panorama on sound compliments going? From sound installations, sound sculptures, sensored beats, connected experiences, operas with 3d worlds (..)  that  transform  to a different virtual enchanted world, perfumed injections and other senses..Is it going the right way? How does technology enhanceContinue reading “SPEAKER CORNER”

scripted triangulation

with spring that jumped in decided its about time to post some colors. There´s something up with triangulation rotating in the minds the latest times,picassos going threw scripts? anyway here,s a little link to jonathan puckey that scripts in adobe illustror!! woot?? check it out, and more bout the geometria Delaunay triangulation, i´m looking fwd toContinue reading “scripted triangulation”