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the good groove

once again a great night out in stavanger, best grooves in town in cementen with kristian and and co, poetry slam with the talented mr atlars, and most of all great people and good vibetts

nordic wonderland

!/images/215.jpg! day off! breathin and gettin inspired! this country is amazing when the sunshine flirts the skies! mmm…gettin my energy together in the nordic fjordic wonderland hellestø, stavanger


!/images/213.jpg! numusic was funlovin! had a great preparty and managed to get free passes due to the super siri! great ppl, beats, alpha, vodka and pure fun! (a little downer couse I lost my visa) but balanced out right 😉 hug power! ———————————————————————- funkette day, flyin to hiphop festival to get fill the blood withContinue reading “numusic”