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only the lonely

another sig and more music…
my way – frank sinatra…to granpas and garnadams of the world…
that did it thir way…granny landing on thursday…apearently she has a turtle now…and bought 2 crabs and let them run around the house last time was here..lookin fwd to have fun together, last time had a photo sesssion in hip hop clothes with the craziness, this time wanna punk her up! to the lovely one…ms granny!

feel asleep, but got woken up by the sleepover crew and talk in bed bout time, calendars, gregorian and how time got adjusted in history, the hubble, the satalite thats slowing doen after 40years in space, couse at the end of our galaxy, mindfusions..nice to reunite with ppl with same wavelenghts! walking down when all go to sllep and national geographics channel with all this info bout zero gravity and all these challanges about zeroG and what the scientist are exploring on, in order that we could travel to world2, spacewalkers, funny sicronizations….
couldn really sleep untill 6…mind going in circles…