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hibernation into another nation

fighting gravity..
going into strange hibernation sucktion…my hair is falling down straightly, its not puffed, like its got another gravity, im just sucked down, like someone would hammer my head…always get into this feeling when get home at some point, its like my energy level and bodymass just gets heavier, so may things want to do, ppl to contact, see, but its like i just get motionless, like a zombie…no energy leftovers, dont get the time, couse it gets dark earlier..feel misoriented, got visits that was cozy, soo tanked in like 4 coffy´s that kinda helped me out, think would be able to actually just stare in the wall, and do nothing…its like normally at this time im in a full spin in 1/3 of the day that has passed, and energies high…what if theirs just a different gravity, but feel the coffy starting to work a little!…guess in the climatization stage, was offered to go to oslo for the night, but just in a huh?¿? state was…okay so tomorow will try to wake up early and bust the gravity with tripple coffy and orangejuice vitaminas, need to zoom my energy up! dont wanna sleep threw the few days have left no no! snap it up! was thinking a couple time that could just rent a studio for some months and isolate into making the mindvisuals into reality…but would i be able to press out the same energy?¿ guess its a question of organization of some sort, getting a central flat, tripple mornin coffy, toned up musica, yellow lenses…hmm…guess all possible, whenever i set the mind to it?¿ godnights and godmornings! + can see the same yellow star from here too, thin it dying or a satalite, orion or sumethang, and theirs this wicked moon cut in half, that can see in daytime and nightime…

banda aparte