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feet hurt!

yeasteday went out for some beers at close to the house, to a little cosy place where they play jack johnson and other wavey sounds, went with the gomnolas ( man, and carles) got a little buzzy and some laughs, met henriette by coincidence, that just came from casablanca (my funky shoedesigner), so today headContinue reading “feet hurt!”

day 3

i am going bananas, trying to upload pics, …iphoto taking soooooooo long time, dunnot like the ewaitin, yesterday night i stay in my hamak, first time this summer, with girly magz, wine and cigarettes, it was sooooo realixin, tried to play with a website for accesories me an ana pineyra made, last month…will show uContinue reading “day 3”

new try…

Motivation comes from all sides, but I guess that if you don’t seez the moment,,,, it may never get expressed, so many times I wanted to put things, works, thoughts, processes, ideas, or whatever crossed my mind in the second, but I didn’t, always waiting, until it would get better….always things to improve, or jointContinue reading “new try…”