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氷 メルト

何か氷をなだめるような、キューブ、冷却のは豪華なプロパティだけではなく、coldbites、彼らとてどのように溶けフォーム…  ただどのように日本語を記述することかと思った; P translate The Air Holds Still On My Breath (promo) from Philip Clemo on Vimeo.


just peeped threw todayandtomorrow and saw this snap by marching ants, its a dust storm from sydney from the 23rd!!!  Been swoosjing threw the orange color inside the scull for two days now, strange coincidence!! eyebrow flexing!! Read somewhere sometime that orange had hallucinogenic properties, once painted the floor of my studio orange. tangerine moodContinue reading “DUSTY”


found this at my friends  treasures at almostvelvet where nadi posts on some amazing finds, this little cream punch by kim simonsson makes the nose wrinkle and smile, from the exposition duality, gives stimula to the brainos, are u dual? how dual are u? am i triual? much more here at almostvelvet casa