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layered design & lifestyle

mountain love

!/images/115.jpg! coding at the gominola studio untill phive with eli, mercedes and marco, manage to understand sumethang in the end about all that processing..hmmmt…missing the montains!!made this sketch of one of the chairs that got into my mind this weekend, lookin fwd to make the others… its tree with intergrated felt cushions, and felt coveredContinue reading “mountain love”

tooth biter

was biting teeth all night, apperantly many miles away but something strange happening to my family, and we had connecting restlesness in our sleep! kinda of strange… sitting at skol and connected to diary the first time from here, had processing and must say my mind is not the programing type …looking fwd too theContinue reading “tooth biter”

sunday vibes

!/images/68.png! start fase for geo layer, geografical identity threw clothes, have been home all weeken, and its time to meet my gals!!so takin a showerette and astalavista!! 🙂