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on the way home…svg, norway

bananas day
to go direct or not, miami reservations, expect the unexpected, got my tricket, took of from work, and
packed, going back to my roots…going home for cristmas

after funny stuff happened (in the good flow 😉 and had chats with half airport, the polish checkinguy, the old man busting me for jumping a illogical line without ppl and getting dizzy, the xray guys ending up doing movements of how this one curious gift works, guess xrayed it seems strange..buying another hat, loosing passport and tickets…magical wonderland landing, like forestal dream…frost and damp and red to yello grey sunset, layer of frost overscennery, flying in space with sun, change of lighttime, dark sooner, somewhere over the rainbow! bananas family,come fly with me by sinatra…skate bording for softdrinks with matti, making pack moveble stereo, whickey and cigeretts, climb a roof and view of the city, with big tower cristmas tree and have good talks! mum escapes party and reunites with us at crib, earth wind and fire, fred astere youtubing, lonuge and dress up moods, funs and goods…

turning into a raisin in the bathtub! yeah! nothing like the mags, from airport to home 7 books, many mags?¿?¿ when?¿? just want to chill at home..

de phazz between 2 thieves detunized gravity sunsets lounge
rawness of nature with gold mists

city strawling, aksking 4 chairs and candles out into the panoramic sting place…bending the rules…the talks..and flavours

feeing strange, weird gut feeling.. catch me if u can, down with love…black box movie surfing…