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just dream away..awaken dreams

maybe its the imagination that creates what one feels, speachless couse of life,,,yet so many words to use…its just amazing…just want to hang here and think… and have to wake up early…just want the to be sleepless..essaira music as mindflow mantra in definging an own feelin wikikpedia in the heart!

BCN by nigh

those metal coated glasses are dangerous…..mind fuzzy, evryone sleeping still…ended sleeping under sky at the balcony! 🙂 have been wanting to do that for a while… out with the lovely rikke and some friends of hers visiting her, while she´s on holiday..u bananas girl! love the bars in this town…just soo crooked and cozzy…and luvsContinue reading “BCN by nigh”


check out cantoma – essarai ! just came home…sun came up eventually, bought these crazy metal coated margarita glasess, looks really raw! and a big metal heart to put on my keychain..saturaday chillouts..have decided were going to rome in 3 weeks with siri too check out the energy there… desert flows..


woke up by the rain splashin with the pavement, thundering as open my eyes…realitycheck..slide to the balkony to save sume stuff from gettin wet..a excuse to hang at home and make some clothes..and just hang out? ..energie flow and cream hugs


wanteed to share this article in this polish mag bout clumsy ppl in sports history, in the manner of jamaica boblislide team! its amazing what some ppl minds get them too doo…laughing a little in the buss on way to work.. clumsy ppl ..anywayz..lost the magazines somewhere..i think i loose things very often, sometimes iContinue reading “heyu”

stayin in

miss the family, are now in fjordlandia again…there are som many things that should have been done, and now they are another plce, miss them and luvs…never time enough.. my flip flops went of today, and the sneakers on, getting fake ray bans got lost ysterday, so the summer gear is fallin of.. gonnaContinue reading “stayin in”