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layered design & lifestyle

new trainsrafts

!/images/65.jpg! we got some new white trains in the neigbourhood, felt a lttle like a futuristic movie, comfy, but clinical, with tv screens and all! lets see where these trains will take us?! spooky 2005

friday jazz

!/images/60.jpg! feel need more sleep couse my mind going bananas over more sleeping-processing time!ended up processing over a beer with ana and came to the conclusion that many funny people out there in this world, and going back to the theory of chaos! and the beauty of everyday suprize makes it al worth while! 😉Continue reading “friday jazz”

tasty meeting

had a tasty food and creative talkes to bring in fashion design in this new resturant, think the concept of exposition is creative and fun, would like to present a zero gravity dress with helium within, put have to see the time!!

creative puzzle

had a creative dinner, and by the puzzle of coincidence got invitet to a dinner about exposing new designers in a resturant in raval,jpiipi!great company and in the mood for love soudtrack in the background credits raul morales on pic my beautiful man! !/images/35.jpg!