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cuttin up the textiles! great energy realease! there´s something amazing when the needles, scissors and fabrics start dancing with the threads and fingers! no better high than sctrathing clothes to good music!!! make ya desires reality! mixing for the freestyle sessions…the 1st dress of 4 in information purification !/images/239.jpg! !/images/241.jpg!

freestyle session 2

meeting with the creative crew today , yeah! great kreative energy flow, we focused and did tha planning sceme, mmm fwd to playtime together, making a funky litlle dress the next session 😉 posting link to gonzalo´s photos that he recently finished further down in linkages…

freestyle sessions

the freestyle sessions are creative sessions in the crib where friends freestyle together and have a fun time first sessions with with gonzalo… first sketches for new series of information purification !/images/232.png!