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playplace with a view

have found a studio room can hide out at and play at this vakazione! mountain views and space! mo horizon and new energies

mohorizon- bali: mount batur

i think apart of the shouts, aiiiiiiiiiikk and tsssszzzzz from thea bloody wake up cuzz ms mum cut acccidentily half her nail of with the stupid ass razored fucking knife…aiiiicchhhhh!!! it looked like a massacre! but she´s good now! just need to point on what has to be done instead of doing .. i managed to open a window at the studio, while trying to climb to the ofllimit terrase…but the damn window fell out from the frame…whatzzzz up¿?¿? +++ (..bublegum s) other than that it could have been a normal morning.. O_o
huggo and luckycharms..