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layered design & lifestyle


mapped by darklord disco and synthesized by christelle bonnet as we have the freedom to choose whatever we want, pararell choices lurk in, and spin within, free choice of a city, a creative expression, moral levels, lifestyle, reshaping from sctratch or buiding on the existing… how can to many choices spaghetiilize the system? funky thoughts byContinue reading “PA-RARE-ELLE CHOICE PERPLEXIA”


curious little make by judith clark, second skin threw differnt mediums.”Marquetry is the craft of forming a decorative panel of veneers composed of shaped sections of wood veneer …” Just thinking… how we sometimes change the view, a persective on the whole.. on stuff that roots in the mind the system…how it all  suddenli seems different….Continue reading “RE-SHAPING MOTIVA-TING”


homeflaked by  osborn design & matthew northridge From writings on births, stars, wise men and tributes to sun gods in the more ancient Deela-Malkh threw newer reunites and saint cluauses, hanging out and >> forwarding  to << rewinding,  ll pausing and  > playing together, everyone with our own little stories.. belated yet all the bestContinue reading “HOMEY MUNCH SOUNDS”


performed by matthias maenner …what is prize from before might be the moment, where one can choose which reality to live in, what we want, need and create of it, spreading the wingeroots in tha spacetime