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curious little make by judith clark, second skin threw differnt mediums.”Marquetry is the craft of forming a decorative panel of veneers composed of shaped sections of wood veneer …” Just thinking… how we sometimes change the view, a persective on the whole.. on stuff that roots in the mind the system…how it all  suddenli seems different….Continue reading “RE-SHAPING MOTIVA-TING”


Flipping threw Norwegian scenarios in the fjordlandic landscaping,, skylines went pink, and surfers mist the sun-setting waters when sun zooms threw the fluffy clouds. would be great to kidnapp Alibabas flying carpet and zoom swoosh threw them all! Funky how sceenographers daily change their surroundings threw the world of dream-reality…think this stringspun shortie by walterContinue reading “SCEENOGRAPHICAL STRING”