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walking on the moon

somtimes we argue. but then the makin up takes place..families are strange, complicated, amzing and lovely. managed to get ms mummy to the beach,with wine, seaview and do some soul talkin… was good, love when ice breaks and soulshine flaires..then ended up melting into the great language of music! last time can remember these dimensions together was aerosmith concert in poland! This was police, and sting was in my mums heart during many sleepless nights with wine and speakers…managed to talk my threw too the closed front stage floor area! yaaah! 30000 ppl energized together, was great! great feeling to see all those sparkles in the ppl eyes! and their whole phisicallitiy flowin into the music….

then the family left in the morning.. gone to the crazilly dynamic and soulfull place called an airport..goodbyes..

date with myself…or go on vist a new party and friends today? circumstances,, magic. ., loved ones leaving, loved ones cumming..defining, redifining, words, thoughts.extreems..
.balance of the soul, lifetimes., layers..wishing my days away..