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wanteed to share this article in this polish mag bout clumsy ppl in sports history, in the manner of jamaica boblislide team! its amazing what some ppl minds get them too doo…laughing a little in the buss on way to work.. clumsy ppl ..anywayz..lost the magazines somewhere..i think i loose things very often, sometimes i find them again ๐Ÿ˜‰

sooo.. this article was bout these different ppl that went into the history, not couse of their sportic super qualities, but their kinda clumsiness..
one was this swimmer guy from a little countriy that by some chance got sent to the olimpics, but heยดd never seen such swiminpools before, and traced with segregations paths and all, so appearently he even had a problem with the glasses, starting time and got too exhousted half ways…:) and the ppl applauder him and just loved him! then this other guy that wanted to be a ski jumper, that flapped his wings in the air like a clumsy bird and set a new law of trainig one must bego before starting in the games .. and there were more stuff, man! cracked me up! just beautiful! amazing the strength that lies if u just get something in that control system of a brain! hehe..

kinda nice to chill today! siri loungin in the other room..gettin her broken leg a rest! and reading scar tissue! the book is rotating! enjoyed the whole atmosphere in the book, and its pretty damn broken at times, but u can see his big great heart threwout the book! its just sooo cacoon and iron at the same time.. just got a letter from the publisher of indexbook that my egg bagos are printed in this “the bags” book, and can pass by to get the copy! ….meet up with sergio that flew in from miami for lunch, great to see his face again, had
an insightfull dinner and talk by coincidences and such alike in life and love… enjoy the talks we have bout gals and boys and all the in between…

so gettin touchin the pages of this book and its odd how i identify myself with some of the writings, like beeing from the same place..yet soo differet..and can flip threw the same page and give it a diffeent meaning depending of the state of mind..the readin between the lines and seeing all the layers..hmmm..twisting it inside out…i just get confused, but then again inspired.. takin the sub home, and observing the ppl redain their kinda magical, theyr here, but so far away,,in the own reality…connecting with someone elses thoughts..and their forehead twitching in the rythm of the words read..cute..all those facial expressions ๐Ÿ™‚ …