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waking up..and shoul really finish stuff up and sleep..

just came home, house is a total chaos, need to clean it up before have a chance to sleep, so it good for the rest of the lovely crew…last thoughts with the cab driver..talkin bout coincidences…some say it luck, bad or good, then it can be coincidences, external or internal.., maybe its just the right time and moment..maybe its the mind that is open to those changes.. dont really know..just lookind for the oposites and a balance to tell the truth..had an amazingly visual and crazy sunday in the city, woke up and felt needed interactions…and after a loads of stuff happening, and beeing at the beach, which have been a to lazy action to draw myself to in the closest past..everything just flowed…cant start explainig the stuff that happened, but a lot ofthings did, and ended u later on …to create butterflies and hearts for a global reaching campaig..i know have been distante, in my own thougts to the ones around me, been told that growing up when explained to mr luzardo :), dint know whats happening , but feel im waking up from a deep sleep, and dont want to sllep, but have too, couse the time is limited…just want to be awake! keep this moment alive. have iĀ”one day to do a work of a week,,,pushed to a limit..and enjoiying