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BCN by nigh

those metal coated glasses are dangerous…..mind fuzzy, evryone sleeping still…ended sleeping under sky at the balcony! 🙂 have been wanting to do that for a while…

out with the lovely rikke and some friends of hers visiting her, while she´s on holiday..u bananas girl!

love the bars in this town…just soo crooked and cozzy…and luvs the minds hanging in this city..fitti explained theory of beat , that explines that as we are growing in our mothers tummys, we hear the beat, and that during our whole life we are in search of that beat..

normally have the small portable stereo player, and in the end of the night sometimes end up takin the last beer ant a weired sceenery and more music.. but yesterday somhow foorgot to take it in my bag…
at a point usterday where turned around and see the following..
a guy walking behind me with my deo and hairbend in his hands..
freshly retreved from the bago, it was soo absurd..and i go like..what the… +**¨¨=ck are u doin? and this guy stops and starts to explain that he though i was a guiri (turist), i end up standing there telling the guy that just robbed me if had taken anything else of value..and that woulnt even look in the bag but trust him…and his eyes changed, and he started this whole appology thing…it was just soo weird the whole situation…..

met magic ..going surfing today..really wanna join one day! .. so that my surf evolves from couch and benches to the actuall thing..

using siri´s crouches as mikes/mics..

saw my old flat in the center, apparentlyits rented out.. hurts couse miss it soo much..hippy gigantic flat with a lot of soul, it was faaling apart..too much things that needed to be done,the outside bathroom..and needed someone who could help me fix it up, threw years, couldnt do it alone…and was like rikke said, could always pass by and get this relax vibes, know if u wanted could use the sawing machines, paint, lisn to music, hang out in a hamak, was flowy and good, looved that flat,,,hope someone enjoys it now though, and lookin fwd to a future one.. in this new one i just miss the sun and space! and location , even though has the great park..

in this new flat, thats totaly new, has a pool, sauna and gym ..but oh soo cold….cant even make holes in the walls, like a transitional hotel, was thinking of making these panels of nordic landcape..these big wallpapers with a view..makin it more homey..have made this lounge with pillows on balcony, and some candles and my lolo paintin..guess works for now…but miss the crooked one..

..friend families, soulmates, dreams, re- imagen, the city that creates all this movement, .talkin bout cities..the bigger the city ..the bigger the choice, and as was supposed to move to granny in NY , had the flat waiting and all..but ended up in barca…(my friend)
still get suprised , now lot of the streets, but still dont know whats behind every corner, and it makes it all exiting…when traveling love the same feeling..just not knowing where u are and whats gonna happn…

okay..need to get my body to the showerette, clean up the mess have made..make some good food the gang can enjoy, a little uptake of salt…….meet up with gudrun hopefully..get my drawing gear, some books, some blank pages and enjoy the day off…sunday renewals..