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the world of sleepdream

so say if you sleepdream 1/3rd of your life, isnt it weird we have soo little social development into whats really going on there? more insight too that conciouness…

and does one person that sleeps 12h a day insted of 6h be half the age couse the experiences are then half, or maybe doubled since its developing itself in the sleepingworld reality..huh?¿

so started writing the dreams down 3days ago, and remember something from each night until trying to remember and check out what´s going on on the other side…

remeber that when had nighmares or feelt threathed for life would open my eyes as wide as i could and would snap back and wake up, i know if i think bout stuff hard enough, like flying and get into that state, will fly that night in the dreams..weird that many kids dream of flying but as get older less and less flying takes place…and do u ever have the same dream over was dreaming again of this place in the alps or somewhere, but then its there´s these triangled long huts and this resturant/warming place/club and i remeber it soo clearly and have dreamt bout the same place several times..know i have a urge for goiing to the mountains lately but feel have travel to this place mentally several times..i even got lost bording there once?¿? strange..maybe will find this place once and have a deja vu?¿?

so there´s this guy doing the levtation meditation or illusion demonstraition around the world lately..says uses the hindu yoguis have that ability what is it…reality or an illusion, and where is the boundry or balance between the two?