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The wake ups and balancing spider

Opening pupils first round at 7 and, right before boys came home from hip hops I was waking up to the early hop hop start of the day. In the between’s, to the new moon and the night turning day. I find the early morning mist switch stitch stretching itself, and birds slowly blowing their tubes, yet zoomed into another dream session under the open sky.

I woke up around tenish, with the sky filled n in one tone of blueness and sunbeams, with the looking glass pressed to the heart and brain, , I zoomed in and out from dreams to reality, and back again. Suddenly think the different links and chaotic ideas thoughts, direction, ways and puzzles, suddenly floated away and I could see a long tunnel of vacuum, and this tube was straight and had a deep and uncolored form!! It was frustrating and hello lonely…but found its curve in the end!! Spelled out the fear factor of it, the escaping into making things bigger and bigger the spider webs that build around every thing, and I construct some dreams oh so big, and puzzle to breaking new barriers and limits, that simply don’t know where to start at times.. Realizing all these different parts, and guess that structure comes more exposed from out forming communities the latest time at, getting deeper and deeper!

No Doubt – Spiderwebs

But guess sometimes its good too zoom it all out! Start at basics, from the little steps of todayness, the now…the new awakening of the strong dragon within as nadi screams out slowly in the side!!! Stop of escaping, zoom out from the Meta structure, and stop designing the spider webs. BeCouse in the end of this tube there is solid chunk of earth, sunbeams, and a seed that wants to explode!!!!!!!! And guess that’s where will focus, the third awakening the The time is now !!! wake ups!

Moloko – The Time Is Now