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the nature of my space today..

This week has been quite a nutter, think yings yangs have been dragging me on a rollercoaster of human nature, many exterior stuff that makes mi mind go a little bazooka, from airy conversations to a very strange little old sophisticated homeless ladette that I in some way, ended inviting to my home, and learning more, home and inner core fragility ,though I guess sometimes hunger for new stuff takes us strange places, stories of lovely strangers, new science, visual techniques or just what’s around every corner, investigating investigating, investigating, inside, outside, virtually, mentally, visually, I loves it, I loves the starts, and the fact it takes me to new places, and can continue investigating a new dimension of that thought, it makes me happy, sometimes I get burned, put its all part of the bigger bubble. Its normally stuff that are queer, strange or different that capture my imagination, and I start puzzling again, I like putting it down somewhere, because then can continue again…with graphics, pictures, 3d objects, writing, talks, paint, spray cans or other visual panoramas…strangely strange things happen, the book of flow by this Mr. that appeared when entered flow in wikipedia last week was in my face in a seven eleven yesterday night… So have a new treasure, yet is a little different reading in other languages that English…iz strange, but in Norwegian, it makes it to simple (yet quite to the point), polish has such a vivid strange language that interrupts my antennas all the time and cant get into the book, just jump up and fly into own head, and have to repeat the alpha line many times (even though find it the most colorful and customized and playful one) Spanish get somehow serious and a little hmm (yet it challenging :)) buts gonna jump into it! Yeah! Sitting in half rain on terrace, getting ready for day, antennas needs them times! Music is loud (new timuktu plate zuuzing in speakers), a bird is making a clicking strange noise, a bulk of water was dripping from rain was dripping from the roof triangle! But splashed it out! so n, there’s no dripping, sky half blue, half grey and the other half white, birds singing, clothes still wet, chairs and madrasses too..But i have a pillow!!

mi brother sent me this video by avalanches the other day from the dutch landia he is playing in lately 🙂 :), with the boy needs therapy, that digg, and then found this little funky visualina jewel!
since i left u…