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Glacier hug

Flipping threw pages on flickr on glaciers, many visual islands to cover.. nature freezing, melting and shaping into huggable frozen archi-techonic flowzy villages, with colors and tones that chill and raw the planets landescapes, there was one that stood out, hereĀ“s something to this glacier feel that melts it for mi visual antennas source: flickrContinue reading “Glacier hug”

funkette flowerette

Came across this visual nature hybrid on youtube, has a certain fairytail rawness flair to it…. i like it.. —– 2006-03-06 – 15:15 have discovered the crazy little world of weirdo flowers hidden in places around the earth, amazing imaginary, looks like from another world;)

pillow clouds

flying into clouds now and then, and there is something up with the fluffiness in the air, those crustalized little particles flirting with the skies…luvs their shapes and how the imagination creates images, how they have the huggable form they sometimes doo, how they change to the spacedust and lightning, , the way can seeContinue reading “pillow clouds”