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i am currently superglued to the hardware, wish some days would go slower, slow motion, a little more elastified out!! and that all my technology wouldnt crash all at once… always kinda get sincronizes itself, my mobilino has crashed down, or gotten drunk on some wine the other day, not really sure..hmmm, the other new mobile refuses to charge itself, my computerino is getting older and the charger was flowzing out smoke…and i somehow manage to open it up with clothing scissors and needles and tape and glue it together, but think its having a life on its own, i´v gotten this pc jumped to the home, but am going bananas with the system wrap, aiiii, yet soo many hours of work left… think need to recharge my own system too… and there´s this funky bird sittin outside and lookin like a smooth criminal outside my window, catching the last rays of sunshine..hmmm..wonder who looks like the smart one…
so was thinking and writing about islands (..) yesterday before going to sleep, and how they actually work in our minds, kinda fun…
guess its like the birds, they have the ultimate freedom aura floating around them… but happy boout managed to transport a meeting to the beach this week! jeej! guess everything has it´s own little karma 😉