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inspired by the drummer rawness of  gregor gaida @yatzer and The Balance by KORB

need to close some doors to open new ones,?and how a different a day fits depending on the surrounding soul and mood shapers close to us, when it rotates 18o, or when we open to initiate new roads and to what extent we then need to leave the old ones, how we inner travel our minds, needs and nurture passions and curiosities, how much we are willing to fight for the different elements in our lifes and stories .. and how the brain reorganizes and links new info flowing in there, how much we don´´t know we know, and don´t know that we don´t know? how much does the face and  language reveal? how much we need people that inspire and soul-hug when we stumble, and drum our minds in inspiring ways…!!!!


LORMALIZED from Reza on Vimeo.

maybe sometimes the mind pics up what it wishes to hear? huh =!+ and  it sounds differentli now…so wonder how much stuff in life get misunderstood and never known? *p!q* and how much is too much said? *o!O* 21:45

Curiously strange age comunication … maybe too much daydreamin´? should i brush wash my bubbled head? or keep on beliving in what the imagination feels it´s seeing? maybe we persue untill something, someone, someplace  feels real…a place/person that is similar  yet completly  different from everything else untill that point, that creates the challanging curiocity buzz in the antennas? and where is a hunger for just little bit more?… the soul fuel?  if something feels natural? straighfwd? inspiring? maybe its the unknown? may-be


hector santizo + x+x

beachparty.. woken up by sunrise drummings, the bonfire hummings. love for open sky sleeping, that´s what i´m keeping, coconut flavoured homey munch crunch was the breakfast lunch

why aren´t roofs on homes made of big windows? how does a poets mind freestyle word at such a quick rhymepaste?  is there anything in life that goes to waist?   how much do we learn from strangers? at what pace does your heart  race? choose? connect? filter? and erase? Less strangers are thou after the marathon soul craze? from people we know all life and somehow a boundry scull still takes place… some inspire…it can can snow… attracted to a beautiful mind, what can i say.. strange beauty makes life a curious play .P