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LORMALIZED from Reza on Vimeo.

maybe sometimes the mind pics up what it wishes to hear? huh =!+ and  it sounds differentli now…so wonder how much stuff in life get misunderstood and never known? *p!q* and how much is too much said? *o!O* 21:45

Curiously strange age comunication … maybe too much daydreamin´? should i brush wash my bubbled head? or keep on beliving in what the imagination feels it´s seeing? maybe we persue untill something, someone, someplace  feels real…a place/person that is similar  yet completly  different from everything else untill that point, that creates the challanging curiocity buzz in the antennas? and where is a hunger for just little bit more?… the soul fuel?  if something feels natural? straighfwd? inspiring? maybe its the unknown? may-be