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hello world!

sooo, i have decided to put some alpha out there! I have recently been designing a comunnity,that will be out end of year! with a great crewette!…it has been taking over my social antennas a little bit! the mac has eaten me up! it has chewed me up! it has dovouered me like a mean gigantic horrorrific spider.. but it was kinda fun 😉

lately just been posting videos on this blog! mainly got kinda hooked on u tube and all the great songs! sorry dear blogg …i know i have playlist i could use over there, but wanted to share some of the tunez! pretty great old stuff out there! and i just got easily utubeaholicolized! veryyy goood! ojojoj! what was that song again! and take off…swosjj into the music space and then you bite a little on the lyrics! and the u find some lyrics you wanna crack the metaphores with, and then u dream away or end up mindtwisted, confused looking a a little bit kookoo…

…tomorow i will take a day off ! tomorow i have a new day of chaotic sensations crashin all systems of everydayness! ohh tomorow! jabadabadoo! yes! and i get a visitors from another country! yeaaah! my great soulshineer rikke! and this the weekend there are many many freebie concerts all around the city, atleast 50! (and patrice is playing!!!)! so gonna take complete advantage of that supah surround system! and maybe my crazy little family will crash over this weekend for the events from over another land..(unknown untill last minute..;)

have currently ran out of cigs, (almost quit last week, 4 non smokin days, wow) have a tremendesly slow net connnetion here in barcelonalandia, and have been bitten by a mosquito in the face! and wanted to share this with somebody since my flatshare´rs are asleep and workin at different location!!

i am very happy to manifest that there lately there are appearing plasters (band aids) around walls with cracks in the walls as a intent to help this little planet 😉 the small things in life that make one happy :)…hmmm

just wanted to thank all u freaky, creative and lovely peoples i have found during my life and for crashing together on the same galaxy/mind space though! yepp! some residencts, and some that hang out ocasionally… luv ya all

have a fun stash of books lately! have finally found a new great book about mess, the history of it and all the advantages of mess! straight to the heart! not thories of chaos! just complete mess! and another bout science of happiness, and then just finished this scar tissue one by anthony kidding 😉 (the singer from red hot chilli peppers) and his adventures! and then inbeetween all those weird science mags with all those questions and answers mags bout life, and then pleated in the meaning about liff by douglas adams!
he cracks me up in the metros every mornin, he actually made a dicctionary bout all those weird and acward and crazy lttle situations and things in life, and gave them names! and then u end laughin in a closed area with a loads of peoples and they give u this eyebrowed funny looking looks! hehe!

the other day i saw this big green bug that makes music with his legs..dont remeber how it`s called, but he was featured in some disney movie…want to remember…hmmm…..GRASHOPPER or a variation or something, and it just didnt want to shoow away, keep gettin back in the flat was kinda nice?!?** and then i read that those little things simbolized renewal in the ancient egyptian times! was kinda cool that got across this text the same week! someone should really make a childrens movie bout cockroaches! so that they could kill the phobia of that horrible walking monsters! make them more freindly in some way! like pointin up some positive weired stuff from under al that jeaaksksss juuuuuh grrrr yeaaak! … outta here, have some insomnia from the nicotine or just after beeing a buzzing bee all day! gonna hide into my books! and take a good loooong coffy and orange juice mañana! mmmm… and more dreaming time! have been investigating how ppl fly in their dreams…have to take that reaserch up again… was really fun to see who flies and how! heheh, i have a problem starting…i tend to struggle like this clumsy bird to get up there in the space, and then i flow around, but have to flap the arms occationally! many people fly like supermans and they just start from the spot, others just float! kinda crazy, would be nice to investigate whrere it all comes from,get deeper and deeper, but then again, would get time for all the other thoughts! well, gonna try to find some balance in all thos thoughts! wonder if anyone is ever ever gonna read this? maybe should pass the link? imagine if somone would get too confused, or just fall asleep? shit! well it could be funny, maybe they would fly away…ok, this is getting to weird…good night writing program, mr mac or whoever might be kookoo enough to reada this! beautiful dreams forever..