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different crystal waves

lovely mist still there!…magic happens in the mornins when the sun lavitates into the skies and gives a kiss..

thinkin about the concept of time, and its not really lineal, think its more paralell, its kinda layered, like pickin up where u let go in each situation, person , moment, paralles time evolution,, and they overlap dance over eachother at times! anyways, ..time is dynamic, ech day it has a different rythm….and its what we visualize it to be…

there are people and situations that mark you as on this place planet, that just get under your skin,shake something up! most of time unexpectedlty.. and life changes to a different plane… spread over geograficly distance.. mindclosne friends, or sometimes strangers..they are the ones that change your perspective, or make yoiu modify it all in a different way, like scratching old realities to something new…u just know they change you! mark u …and hopefully make u evolve…make u reconnect with yourself..and insipire… up…lovely… :)..make you feel and change..

rainbow of emotions down here…would be nice to create a feeling ___ dictionary of some sort .. the feeling u get when the sun wakes up and the sea starts dancin and the sound swooooshejjjes…slowlely..or when u see all those people u are crazy bout, come together at one point and totaly connect naturally…and party together like it would be the last dance! the suprixzed feeelings, the syncro ones, the crazty ones, the twisted, the hurt, the rejected , the courageous, the strong, the waek, the changing, the lovely, the dreamy, the good, the curious, the different, the visual, the plasureble, the unconcious, the strange, the doubtful, the unknown, the hardcore butterflies of life… a feelin coctail u get drunk on…

family crew crashed this weekend so a full house and action non stop.. nice to hang out on terrasse, have some mindleisure think thank connection time and mindflow withya…just have this urge to write… bout crystals, waves, flovs, gravities, flow, organic forms, music,, bubbles, nature lines, blobjects, sincronazation, coinidences, lyrics, reflections, fluids, visualizavion, dreams, uncounciousness, vibez, energies, telepatics, curiocities..changin times…places, travels, surfin, kitin, snowing, .. hhehe, ended up surfing the city benches on sunrise…was thinkin wil make a photo session with dreamin of images….with my new plaster tees wanna make soon ….girl with closed eyes flying on a table, with wiwind blowin from fane, surfin the couch, bathtub with salt and runnin water, and other funny visual home situation….meet this crazy gal some weeks ago that was surfin at parties with the ironingboard…hehe..should make a tribute… 🙂 natural imagine sincroos

..litnin to japanese lounge 50´s music

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