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new try…

Motivation comes from all sides, but I guess that
if you don’t seez the moment,,,, it may never get expressed, so many times I wanted to put things, works, thoughts, processes, ideas, or whatever crossed my mind in the second, but I didn’t, always waiting, until it would get better….always things to improve, or joint with another idea, thus making it stronger, but I realized something, maybe just now, maybe before…without admitting it, maybe because of the fear that it wouldn’t
BE GOOD ENOUGH, I realized that things don’t need to be perfect, they may just be, for what they are …moments, moments of ….the moments, without anything more or less, “just” parts of your, your life, the thoughts, the memories,,, oki, going a little bit into that hang, but I guess im just a gal, trying to (mind wirling with thoughts about, hmmm…who am I ? who am I , tralalallala…floating away, hm yes a gal …trying to get some thoughts down and up, and out there, hehe, had a funny night, went to take sume beers with alex (more about him later, mmm…) got buzzy, inspired, lovely, mmm, ohhh me lliuke him, oki,, buzzy and need to get up in ..hmmm, 3.30 h, no 3.49h , and I will wil run as quiiikkkllllyyyyy, without, getting the 5 min exrra beauty sleep,,okay, gonna take of my lenses, and dram away,,,, would like to dram bout flying….hmmm, guess that’s another story, okay …god night and funny vibrations in the dreams, …bye bye then…ok, bye

Jippi, my start of diary, oki god night, just wanted to put the date ..its the nigt of 9 of june, well 10 ….couse it 3.43, shittt”! gotta go,, byaaaaaaaa!! And many colorful