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feet hurt!

yeasteday went out for some beers at close to the house, to a little cosy place where they play jack johnson and other wavey sounds, went with the gomnolas ( man, and carles) got a little buzzy and some laughs, met henriette by coincidence, that just came from casablanca (my funky shoedesigner), so today head spinnin a litlle, smoked 3 pakages of ciggs, so today start a new life….went to fo some skating to salva del mar, gominolas played basket, me draw funky faces, went to the forum zone, and came back to raval houres later, tired as hell, trying to find dulce de leche(a caramel like souse) for pankakes, couldnt find, bought some condensed milk to make this delight, a great sunday, happy managed to leave my keybord for sume time, oki enjoy the sunday lazzying..
caramel pankakes and coconut cus cus, bye from k