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by the-t-shirt-issue

After a day an the beach watching the boarding flows, great company and sunglows, freebie soups and grilled scentings my hands and mind started to bangĀ  on the thinks of the process of making and physical textile shaping…my personal inner flow …That i miss ohhh so much! Found this limit pushing cotton take-wondo experimentalia…and looking fwd to cut and form threads soon!

“Three people are portrayed digitally by scanning their bodies. The output of this scan is a 3d file, which resolution is defined by the amount of polygons, similiar to pixels in a bitmap grafic. Linked with their biographical memories a digital twin of the body is thus created, which expands and personifies the garment in a formal-poetic way. The 3d data is turned into 2d sewing patterns by the use of the unfolding function which is a common tool in industrial design process to make paper models with, the single fabric pieces and the inner interface which defines the edges are cut out by the help of a lasercutter.”