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Maxime Quoilin + Room Zoo from zeitguised =   friedman benda

If my brain could paint itself, i mean take if it would jump out my scull and paint itself, how would it turn out ? maybe it would go color and shape shifting into some strange mutation! i started  sipping on a book about time today…conte-play-ting  the mind candy on wondering off threw whole life constructing  these  meta thoughts!!  theory of chaos might be my personal re-legion, can i cal it that? I would love to implant shapes into painting with oils one day soon!! if I would paint on 4 different layeres of windows, would it be a painting or a installation? if i would frame it? how do we categorize, tag and store our personal memories ….how parallel is a parallel thought? how much can we know about vs not knowing anything about a person, how much can a picture say and how is the real is your bio- shape? and how much is makeup? how much do we challenge and get challenged? how challenging do alike minds play in contrast to the opposite ones? and what is really an opposite? why do we self impose boundaries we wish to break? how much will we share and how much do we hide in the new generation?  why do we have the tastebuds we have for – life? -food? -thoughts? -souls? -music? -art? -making? -shaping? -time? -what matters to us? what is quality? what is luxury for you?  how much do we redefine? how does our mind filter…

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