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tooth biter

was biting teeth all night, apperantly many miles away but something strange happening to my family, and we had connecting restlesness in our sleep! kinda of strange…
sitting at skol and connected to diary the first time from here, had processing and must say my mind is not the programing type …looking fwd too the the short holiday starting in 2h, going to play around!! alx connected my brothers domain with textpattern, so his diary will be on soon, will add the link!! go wave_kiddo!!thimk need to go on a diet or something was really biting teeth strongly last night!! never konsidered myself a nervous person!! was it the cold?, the nerves? or some paranolmar soul thing happening?going to start drinkin tila tea!!

programacion elevacion of codificacion differenciacion in alphamation non entendation?¿ gotoandpause! else if

if else brain go bananas(true)= error and more processimg time needed!

loading brain….error …(not found);