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back in barca

back in the crib after a long journey and worksession since 4am.. sleepy braino, not really knowing what doing with the screen alive and shining bright…hihi.. couse my eyes have a heavyweight gravity..will try to doo a resume..hmmm..ahmm..hhmm..hihi..hmm hmm ..okay maybe tomorrow..vroom hughhmm..tzzkk..tjaaaa..enybody out there..?
rome was a charmiĀ“n and a foxy place…..fingers getting heavier…zzzzzz…angels and demons and pegasuses and strong male bodies carved in white stone…guitars and yeloloo lighting…wino snakzz and the melodies…gotta zooom the eye out into beta mode… sorry…good nights and beautiful dreams…..zzzzzaaaa zoooom ..zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz