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The elasticity of time and the flow

Why is it the time is actually measured in our mind? The clock as we know it is a pin pointer to the hours of the day, but how the hour, minute, day or month is perceived is so much more personalized? It’s like this, when the passion of life is fully enjoyed, it be flying, when I wait for something, it just doesn’t want to tic fwd, I don’t like waiting, and even though I have my methods of entertaining myself quite easily, its when different stuffo come together, and puts a standstill of waiting for several things, its just like watching cream being poured into gigantic swimming pool in slow motion…even though I know my effectiveness can be speeded, I snatch out of a task and its like this blobby cream…today was such a day, I know its Monday, and tomorrow is going to be supersonic cause of all the thingies need to fill in one day, but it just makes me wonder, how we personalize time, how we breathe, and how differently the heart ticks depending on the mood…
Bananas about flow once I read that within a branch of psychology, flow is the ultimate state where time as we know it traditionally by the clock, passes by almost unnoticed, we jump into things that passionate us and makes us happy, and zoom away…I loves that Keeling, guess its that feeling that makes me the most happiest, when time disappears, when it gets so abstract, and u get so absorbed that nothing else matters…it happens when I travel, when I draw, design, think, listen to great music, write, dance, have great conversations, investigate, puzzle, figure things out, , watch great stuff, observe, Google up new fun staff…looks..ály_Csíkszentmihályi

yeah!! The ego flows away, time zooms away, and u get completly bananas bout what ur doing in that very momento!!

Then I found this huggable batterie…

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi