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superhero time scrathing connexions

superheros……think we need them in our lives, their existance gives a sumethang sumethang to the soul! yes? feel the guys,..the have a loads of heroes, but the gals heros a little fewer, but guess gettin there, little by little, fun is sharing the heros…superheros, , cartoons and characters have all sumethang to give, too transmitt..starts with the parents, then the colord books and screens, friends, the alpha writers, , musicians, directors, artists and minds alike..inhabit our imaginary and fantasy world..sparkles, faires., “tingeling” (peter pans sparkle gal), magicians, goofy, plutos, lilloos, stiches, jam, transformers, the faires , mangas, the alvs, the trolls, the superwomans, supermans, batmans and robins, alladin and geenies..and magic lamps…characters we admire in our ways..good smooth criminals, diamond robbers, the adverturous, discovering,and mysterious superpowers..dorothy in the land of ozz, alice in wonderland, neverending stories, starseeker and wizards…their all just sooo important…make us dream from a young age, created by great minds, heart and souls..the comical ones, the imaginary ones, the tough ones, the kool ones, the futuristic, the old, the new, the sweet, and the lovely, the dangorous and the couragious..”the world of superheros stimulates the imagination”..the toymakers, the christmas stories,the cybergals and cyberpunks, rockabillies, holograms, projections, gorillaz, daft punk, fruits from japan, optical camuflage, superpower, gadgets, the little extra.., experimentations,transformations, the dreamy, the puzzly, the fantasy world………..