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space leisure

had a recent conversation couple days ago after a confusingly
looking snowpologame.. *o.O*
The jokey gave me some inside scoopes on their rules,
that buzzed my mind into visuals…
and with a little help from the bubbles, good company and my my maco
playing under a blanket in the snow, in a terasse in a snow covered pillows*OO*,
Got me thinking about future space sports and zero gravity tennis
and how it could be like..
imagined it in a sphere, couse of the lacks of up and down in space
then since resistence when the ball gets shot wouldn´t be so caboouuw,
would need specially designed balls with some accelaration gadget in it,
and imagine the nettig should be in a type of hologram or laser type,
moving depending on situation of the players!

But guess in first plane on leisurespace would start up with the simple basic
ZEROg spheres where experiencing and learning to fly in ZEROg would be
the first step
I´v had strange dreams of these places but they´ve been like big empty
warehouses with a strange vakum in them that permits to fly..
they should be funky, padded white velvet on thee sides?
or wavey metal simulation!! maybe some interactive outer surface?
found this video, kinda fun! sincrooo!