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smooth criminal

guess there´s somthing in the mistery, the knot knowing what will be brought by tomorowness, or the next momentness.. makes the mind go to different sides, sometimes life is complicated, but then again not really.. how many feelings do we actually show, and how many do we hide, couse it freakes out to get deeper… maybe sometimes the train passes if not react in the moments, but there are feelings and thoughts that feels good to evolve…stine cumming tomorow, and rikke getting back to our krib today…maybe will end up inside of foutains with bubbles and music..gudruns birthsday mañana..many things to do, many ppl to see, many new thoughts and emotions…guess it´s bout enjoying what u can, in the dreamworld, in the reality, imagination and the now..
recharging … week endings..renewals…takin it all in..and seeing what will get out.. enjoy! bubblegums and liquid humms