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(a spanish holiday…day off!!!!)
so had a nightmare, not this night , but the one before, cant remember last time had one, this time it was woke up 4 times after eachother…strange couse didnt feel like my dreams, but still.. made me realize that the same feeling of life and happiness for the unknown corners, is what might hount other people, couse the worst stuff guess u cant see aswell, but u can imagine them in the brain..and the unknown silence at night can be scary.. so anyways this got me thinkin bout the fact that we just close our eyes and go whrerever we go..using atleast 1/3 of our life there…(spanish people sleep 1h less than the rest of europeans) just weird to think what happens in ther, and is it just memories processing themself, getting the whole day in the system, think its pararell…getting into a different conciousness..and there are dreams u wake up from and remember them so strong..that there just soo present..and then u dream bout a strange coincidence or person, and the day after the person contacts u in some way..weird , huh..

was alone for the first time in a long time …everyone was out of the casa…music on full and doing my stuff, but was kinda lonely in the end, think am a very sociable person, am totaly dependent of life interaction…miss all familia and soul hearts..readin bout aura and telepathy…reading bout a parrot that knew all these phrases, and her owner that was having images, and the parrot managed to say which images she was looking at , 4 floors under…facts say we use such a small part of our brains, what if we can comunicate telepathicly with eachother, what if u could feel that a person is thinkin bout u, what if exchanges of thoughts would be in a space..what if it would be true, would mean they would be sincronized in some way..huh..would have to be…strange

good mornin…gettin out of bed now! have gotten some sleep! yeah!