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skateboard dance

imagine a stepping musical with boards, hmmm, or like a musical on wheels, but in a rough and awsome sceenery, great music amd art direction. sctratching different flows and styles together..
with this old pool, and silver wheels! yeah! and boards with 5 wheels rounded and specially constructed ramps! and sceenery video projections..! and statues stoped in time, like a jump thats just hanging there and turning…huh! could be fun…and grafitti in rd, shitt could put in some holograms in the whole thing! yeah! amd some stomp moves grooves! ever seen the sceene of hackers
where they hang out at this nightclub skatepark! need more of those playgrounds for big kids!!! one of my dreams is to make a zero gravity park in the future, where u go and fly and play with gravity…oki, back to work!

so in this new crib we hopefully will have, apart for the sunlight, space, own terasse of sun and stars will be able to scruise with my lboard to the beach! yeah! funky! funky! from airbording on couch and benches to reality!

Michael Nesmith – Cruisin’