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the roman empire part II

thursday transportations
at plane to romelandia….midnight
partyelle has fallen assleep and is makin funny faces..hehe, guess its me and the diary again.. after changing weight from luggages, gettin out the scissors (always end up with all these scissors in my handluggage?¿ chains and coconut passport is a story apart..) have a weird feeling in the gut. flying with ryanair can be a hastle..advertizing for lotteries..a guy in front seat marking stuff in a book, hmm…fridge and icecubes are get a hot white wino..with my perfect mess book that never manage to finish…just get the mind of things..weird how we transport our bodies, minds and thoughts, feel like babling, but seats beside empty..hmm..gettin serious here..many mental travels lately..just wanna empty the thoughts…yeah! landin in 5 min, have this comic strip over eyelevel, kinda ironic ..listnin to this …
in case of emergency landing..remeber..take of glases, fake teeth, earings and high heels
in case of emergency exits…dont take luggage, heels and no smoking
in case of getting into the jumping into slide..cross hands..
ya gotta be kiddin? this is bananas !?? guessed the grafics ppl had a laugh drawing this one up..

so got to roma in end, but buss stopped going, or so the cabdrivers imagined it to be….busted!
found buss one in the end, after trying to pick up ppls to share transport with..we rolled into rome, very tagged all over..kinda a cross breed on the way between my polish birthown wroclaw, a little spain and freezin like norway…ended up at our roman soldier friend! great soul with this apt with all roman soldiers stuff and history around! and got a sweets room with a wiggling 2 storey bed that was quite spookey… and swooshing from side to side…(especially in the tipsy state) but we survived and went into memory lane of childlike freedom days!

timeless friday
woke up in rome, with champagne piccolo and a beautiful views of new landcapes, and speakers doing the good vibez! apperantly live right outside a kind of portabello market thats here on sundays, that wil have to drop by! gettin lost into the old streets of the city..pastas and wine, everything is so soulfull, from the munchy food, the buildings, the singin language, the takin it easy in the streets, the smells, the miniature ultra small 3m busses, the small minature streets cars fallin a part, but holdin it together, the old ppl and their sparkles.. the strange looking carabineria guys like ready for a parade..hella funny! strong sense of poland aswell in some way, the squared pavements brics, the candlelight city atmosphere, and then u find these powerful mainly manly gigantic sculptures around corners!.. u can go to museums and expos in each city, but they can travel. but the buildings, monuments and sculptures, their standin their strong and marking the time and the splendor!(even though many were leaving gaps couse this restourage stuff their doing here..) the big time works of art! and teletransport u in time! mmm..and the sense of poland is quite close, and even find this whole big wall, just with advertizments in polish..very strange..
small crafty shops with oldsoul workin in, the trievi fountain was awsome, with wild flying horses and strong and sensual roman super heros! and this great flow to it all…(somene dyied the water red after we were there?¿)
cappucinos taste very diffrently good down here..mmm..and ended up getting more lost in streets and strange things, then found the spanish steps, and wanted or not, got lost and ended up on top og them later on, with white wine take away bottle, sunset over rome, paninis and long talks and fun great vibez, before gettin home, then wrappin around italian food and hitting the city by night!
came over this crazy little underground place hidden behind all the streets called “jonathans angels! , that just had this amazin bathroom! (shitty my camera died in a sea at the beach at san juan crazy night!! didnt mean to sink it! vould report some visuals..) so have no pics, bought a one time camera on sunday…well..will try to had this underground roman decadent feelin…with a wall fence, and behind al these scultures, and water running threw the whole thing , like an altar..with candlelight everywhere…and these sculptures inside around that were all tagged with writing! wicked!! followed by nightlcubs and beer drinking by sculptures..
and back at home doing some aplha freestyle sessions..late at night so this might not make too much sense..

in rome, doing left, right boom
jovanotti be tha ultra humm
city scupturing threw the dune
metal showing u the zoom
rocks knowing how to loom
with their big feet doing caboom
showing the history of the people
doing hmmm
beutiful over wonder, male stakingly
taking postures of pegasuses
hussu husshes and white cushes?¿?
the song melodies playing the streets..
going into tghe sound of the thinking beats
plasmated in the the wow
and into the future going pow wow ?¿?¿?¿?¿?
(LOL, the mind works in weird ways..)

funny saturday
soo woke after few hour of sleep, to the music of a neighbour playing the guitar in the funkiest way! flowing around the house to those strings, went out too see where it came from, popping out windows and doors, to say thanx later ons..was just doin a amazin wake up flow! got invited to check out the casino our roman soldier friend organizes to pop in for a round of bingo! sun shining but figured would be funny to do something different and visit our friend! and that it was! was laughfing our ass out …was just absurd..sitting there at this casino with all these hardcore playing older ppl, with all our freebee hangover lunch, funfaced, with hair standing to sides, sweeties crouches, trying to get how the heck u play this game! was very intense…the nr are speeding threw in italian (got to learn to count atleast ;)) with 90 nr in 3 min, need to have the fast brain antennas and concentration, something i guess we lacked that morning, but a great laugh! :), then decided to figured out whrere going one in the sub, and ended up close to the vatican, at a bar just louging with expresso shots and strawberry daiquiries mmm…which later brought us on to the steps of the vatican, freezin our butts but with a jackie bottle to warm us ups;) of and talkin bout screatchin delux..folowed by hot showers and dancing the night away…..

sunday chillouts
woken up by guitars and dunk dunk market music after 3 h of sleep and jumping to the market..its just amazing with markets, would like to fly in on sundays to strange markets of different cities and go treasure hunting! just get soo curious, they have so much amazin stuff digged up from the past!! retro scratching! found this beautiful coat from switzerland with sheep hug and a wooden ashtrash thingy to go with the nordica groove! louging in listnin to some music and driving down to the coloseum lsitnin to last cristmas by wham and singing out loud 4non blonds hey yah yeah he heeeyyy, whats going on?!? and then a cavelike oldtime roman cozy place for fasola soup in the great zone of trieste…mmmmmmmmm…the roman empire been gooood to me! +++++ all the dots in between that made it all simpy great!