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rain splash

my feet are cought in the biggerst rain can remeber in barcelona, these streets are not design for this, just as it seemed the rain was over, trying to stroll back from work..with my optimistic flip flops…and got trapped in the bus…
traped in a buss…so when got out was still far away from the house…and the lighting was to hidd in a bar..with a newspaper, a book and a some wine..and read..that bladrunner just presented a new verion ending..about the bookfair in frankfurt, bout the search for happines, bout the moment, that guy from the newspaper article before stuck there in the back of the paper..(cell rings..miss sweets is on way from airport..couldnt get contact before…just came in and hoouse is empty for the fist time in 3 weeks.. it´s was kind aweired..) okay my head is spinnig, my life is accelerating so much thought a day keeps the doctor away..hehe.., but guess been overdoin it…livin the moment.., gonna get some rest now, chill out music and sume hot water….maybe life is learning from mistakes, maybe not..just enjoying the moments, spontaously… dont really know..just feel a lot lately..