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new energy

I’m going banana, to much output, little input? So I stat this little alpha text for some auto motivation reason, or maybe just to clear my head of the thoughts that I have, and never realize, and would like to get down in some kind of virtual form….my hormones go bananas!!

Today is late Thursday night and I must say it was the first day in a long time I managed to take my longbord to school for the purpose of flowing downwards later in the day! Happy that i had my little board, gives me some kind of strange energy…
Learned some new codes in flash ( dun not really understand them, but with some friendship fingers things were interacting! then had his weir class with brainstorming of his DVD, got inspired by the concept of mafia that wondered in class, and accidentally heard this beautiful song” UKO – Sunbeams remixed by jose padilla” and made this grx

cruised down on the modus repeat of the song on,, met my friend Ana and discusses illustration and ended up in my casa taking photos of face expressions ( have had this great feeling lately of drawing my moods on paper and while I lie in bed I think of face expressions, which I try to measure with my fingers and draw() anyways, were taking pics of the weirdest expression

later on… was playing music and playing with some illustrations!! And found this song that I obsessively repeated in my speakers!() in the last 10 min running as crazy to find something to wear, an noticed that had a nice pair of self made customized pants and no top to go, all were either with white paint, manchas or still a little wet! Ended up with option 3 and run away from house with Alex! Run till a bar , crying cause hormones go rollercoaster and need to get more inputs rather then outputs from the brain, met all these colorful ppl later for sushi’s and ended up seeing ppl that haven’t seen for months, followed by first time in days had time to talked to alx on way home, and wine at home 3 o’clock in the morning, that gave me this good input to get my thing down on this format, so here I am! In bed, its 4.51 and I dun not think I’m going to wake up tomorrow…I’m going to have some individual schooling…;) colorful dreams and good night!