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the encounter with my new door…..

soo..after the 48h move..and 5h sleep, i was strolling my way back home…u know that feeling when u feel a little tired and just wanna take a shower before u get on with the night of boxing out stuff..well..was sooooooooo close..and yet so far!..bought some cans of beer in front & some fooodo..and then i slided my key in my new comunitary door…and then i kinda twisted it….and suddenly i noticed that just had this little leftover of a key in my hand and the rest got stuck there, deep in! f**k! soooooouu..was kinda lookin confused and trying to figure up if should hit and run or what the next step should be…decided would be nice to get in…and the only copy of keyz were mine, and didnt really meet any neighbour..yet! so i saw this girl and she kinda got my bananas look, and ask if i was ok? glimsing strangly at this door in front, explained her and told me she had some friends and called them to open the door, so got up..alone..and found this rastasoul that was waiting for his friend to cume..but found me explaining the stuff that hppnd…trying to befriend my new neighbours and get sume help..he came down, put his key in from the other side…but it was inevitible the key was stuck! then i meet my mrs neighbour living on my oposite…hello, hello..she nicely offered to give my the nr of the owner…but my batts of the mobile were running short, and dont know in which of the 20 boxes the charger izz c…huh?¿? okay, just hearing all the shops around me close 10 to 8..locksmiths of the barrio..bye bye…so, decided should take the lock so my new neighbours would manage to get in to their houses…but was just gonna take a quick shower…when i realized that my pants i found in the morning despair, and havent used for a looong time, were all cracked open in the belt…, and since couldnt find anything at sunrise, had a quite slick top that was going up all day…soo guessed that must have looked funny or just quite weird…. my new befound neighbour told me loads of strange things happened lately and explained before..but now im flowting away…so i took this shower, changed the clothes, a fat eyeliner and found some object somehow?¿¿ jewlery i could twist, big ass sawing needles , this leather hole maker wit a wooden arm, and some tiny 5cm screwdriwers from my sawing machine…and went firmly down to find asssistance…right beside was a express delivery firm (i always seem to be having them nextdoor in al flats..hhuh?¿’) and i asked this guy the situation, and if he knew some lockpicking guys in the neighbourhood..he showed me a sticker on the door…i asked for screwdrivers… but
they had none! cummon!!! so there was an option of cashing out …or do it yaself…got up the sleeves and got too work! tried to get the neddles in..nothing, tried to presured it out..nothin, it was kinda deep in decided kinda mentally hypnotize it..still nothing….at time like this one could logically give up…but no…tried to use my 5 cm screwdrivers…and belive me the door and crews were hella old!!! soooo…eventually got this big ass needle in there, and used the wood of the leather needlearm to bang it in there…and belive it or not, the key started to subtally and slowly to show itself, so banged and slapped and hit the needle…………………..and in the end… voalllaa! got it out!!!!! yeppa yeppa yeppa!!! at the moment met my third neighbour..introduced myself, and exhilatry told him my fixing skills! he looked kinda strange at me…so i politly asked him to try out his key! and it worked!!! ta- ta – ra – ra! i went to tell the new neighbours that the door was goood, but another guy opened up, and didnt really get my adventure..then let the mrs in front lend be a key to copy, and advised that should not use aliiminium keys, who the hell makes them those keys anyway?¿?aluminium keys can asskick! so beware! i learned my lessoon..persitance, dedication helps, and it can be gratyfing 😉 hehe! time for packin up, a sig, a beer and sume musica! bye bye!…going wifi rob hunting first in order to post this…..

dinamting the door