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milkyway lounge


one day would like to smack together..the mmilyway lounge…bookshop with quite the jewletts on design books-yeah! could just hang there for a lifetime…one time ways wanted to open a kida bookshop with all these gadgets for making things, with great urban art on walls and chill out zone,with hamaks, inspiational boks and mags, a kinda inspi merceria place, arts and crafts place with a supah good atmosphere, and musica, and textiles , treads, paint, wood, glass, rasins, moulds, plastelinas, papers, crayons, premade creative kits, beads, jewlery metals…and this virtual meetingpoint…and calle it after a strange cream sirius or some milkyway lounge name…yeah! the milkyway lounge! and this medusas- jellyfish swiming in the walls! maybe could even have a masssage cacoon hamaks! where u jump into…on the roof, and see sunset…yeah have to have a roof! and do hair clipping sessions there! og yeah! and could have small concerts there, under the stars, okay maybe could have these automatic transparent roof and walls that isolate sound when needed…