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memory beeing saved now, and not forgotten!jippi!

this is quiite funky! normally dunnot forget what have done more than one week ago, so guess this is like a small extension of my natural RAM, have had a quite rollecoster day, think im cought the mad cow disease!! kinda loosing it! considering buying a boxing bad for days like these….when i have the munnay, grrr..hmmm…colled down running around the cathedral a couple of times while looking for this funky hotel for siri parents…and took a delicious fresh strawberry batido! mmm, the best !!!
alx just made this thing today, he tha man!!!go alex! go alex!!!
oki, this is the longest i have written in a loooong time…

remember link for othe parents…

pss saw that lecool just got out in the kiosko this funny handmade lokking book, but was 15E, fiasko for wallet

psss finlay quaye playin in razzmatass next week, sun is shining, makes u wanna move your dancing feet, to the rescue, here i am…trallala…really would like go go

hip hop dunnot make u wanna stop
3 days in may in bcn