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song by normalites and visual mash by DreamExess /
there are songs that get to us, catchy..others, where the lyrics just get under the skin…states, memories, melancholy, feelings, motivations, familiar waves, inspirations…then the beats that just makes the whole body happy, angry, sad, searching for a rythm..they say we always look for the rythm we heard in our first home, the belly…others fascinate us visually…and then like an image, we can find that rythm, shape, feel..all depending how we look at it…then there are moments that it all crosses in a fine way…this one has a little of all..lust, irony of the title and lyrics…well..indeed addictive…*wink*…..,  with a great backbeat, smiling voice, and and beautiful visual fluid drop…so i just wanted to share this (couse who we share it and listn it with is another twist .) so to whover acesses this hidden frequency  <3 & flou *=!=* check outs here

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