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lifealpha friday session

full moon since yesterday, has a calming effect on me this time… life can be suprising and confusing…does the full moon take u places u havent been before?
life is a unpredicteble place to be..what say? 🙂

signs and searches
do u find the signs couse ur looking for them? like getting a color in ur head, a concept, a person…triggers of the mind to look for the things that assimilate? hmmm..ok..but what wakes my curioucity is that something wakes u up inside that makes u looking for that specific thing…so what triggers u to search for things in that specific moment? what activates u to go there? a strong beliver that if u search u find…when know what ur searching for…or not even..maybe ur not aware of what ur searching for..but your uncounciousness is…and will show itself sooner or later?

the good moments
what cuestions do u plant? what do u want to know? what are your fears now ? what are u dreams now? what moments do u live for? what makes u smile? what inspires what makes u happy at this moment ?

this is a zoom in on what makes me appy at this very moment righ now..
the smell of rain..(its rainig and theres a full moon, sittin in terasse)..when my broken ipod display plays random songs that match my mood,it sincronizes! soulshine, when i see someone in the street walking alone and smilng for themselves..when i see ppl reaching their dreams, living the moment, enjoying the now…when the snowflakes fall and the sun is shining, when i see sunsets, ppl surfing the waves, ppl having sparkles in their eyes, ppl in confused situations that lets them feel and live the moment, people that look towords the sky, ppl enjoying,
when nothing makes sense but gives a good feeling, enjoying the different senses..knowing ur strengts and ur weakneses, those moments souls open up to.. moonshine, sunshine..drinkin wino and listnin to good musiic on the floor, sharing feelings, eyes of alive ppls, airports, good flows, sunsets and sundowns, moments in life that are lived in the moment, making stuff, new streets, new experiences, fresh sensations, dinners with the soulmates, cooking for a soulmates, a crib with open doors and good music, finding stuff that makes u feel, the timeless moments, the beach, authentic, special and unique places, ppl, things, experiences that make u feel in a different way, smells , tastes, sounds..clumsy ppl, finding stuff in chaos, go treasure hunting..(fun lovin criminals in the spakers)

challenging ourself
challenge that lies in finding another side of things, finding the positives?. find own solutions.. doind it our own way..couse everyone is soo different…yet soo alike..finding the new stuff, the solutions, and all makes us grow, the good and the bad..its all works…im just searching for my new moments..stuff that could have been written before, said before, but experienced in “my way”..just like frank sinatra said…
evertone has their own story, and twinking between all these new storien we live our life…and daydream..