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let the music play

soo … hmm.. getting sleepless and nagging myself over rules lately.. thing is my hometown of stavanger, is trying step by step to mellow down the culture sceene and activities might have a shutdown …subtely , and this in the middle of a the city beeing the culture city of the year!! thing is they are putting up ultimatums without really solving any problems, and by my little view, hurting the very iconic sceens of the cities core culture, by tying hands on people that have for years been encoureging and nurturing a culture sceen, that undoubtedly fruited young minds and awaking others with a place of gathering and growth of new music, thuoghts and various cultural arts …these laws are targeted to lower the drinking and damping noise habits of the almighty norse fjordlandia stavanger ppl, but by limiting cultural events and leading down to a narrower sceenery and cutting of these events that nourish the spirit, i think the damage could be much larger than expected.,, sometimes we as individuals take a short way out, i dont want to refer to them as politicians, couse in the end we are all people, striving for more or less the same,and we sometimes have a need to categorize names… so but by taking an easy way out to a much bigger problem, sometimes we take paths that might be quite thuoghtless, and in the result might stop growth and evolution..i believe that culture is a part of our lives that gives us growth…threw books, music, design, arts and all the imaginary world, it is a platform for dreams and development of our inner worlds, can make comunities, groups and societies grow, some might nurture it on daily basis, some less occasionaly, but in the end it is a part of our individuality and what makes us grow from within…therefor i guess i got pretty sleepless becouse of this mail about the new rule that can come in my hometown pretty soon, becouse not only does it endanger the places where ideas and thuoghts have been created, nurtured and inspired, but it sets a new underage policy of age,, that makes 18 year olds have to wait 3 years in order to attend these cultural events, that harmlessly can inspire, make the mind wonder and enjoy, it creates a new boundry, in a way that i feel no cohesion, being 18 and not beeing alowed to conecerts, whiles otherwise entiteled to vote, have a child, get a lifetime loan, buy a house, get in the driver seat…if desired…etc, guess are acts of resposibilty, yet listning to concerts and sipping some beers in this case seems like a no no (and is it not the young and fresh blood of every generation that is the hope of tomorowness?┬┐) i guess as like everything in life , if one doesnt step up to own belifs, nobody will do it for u , so this is my little manifestation around this issue…just want to make myself heard here, if enyone is willing to listn in my own little way…, and maybe have a couse and effect, or not! guess its up to all of us individually…to try to make those litlle small changes, couse in the end i think its not about taking giant steps, its those little steps in life in life, guess thats what rocks my world! makes me dream for a moment and tomorrow, together with the music that will never die…in my heart.. ┬ápeace amd luv