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steppin visuals

Koop – Come to me

was stepping in my livingroom as a kid…
would nice to make a adaptation of stepping to a new time fuuristic musical of some sort, maybe in zero g? hehe, with flowy semi transperent clothes, like the good fairy ghosts and space pirates and supah nova travels..

..trallala..oki gonna dream away..goin outta work now..or making a vidoo of steppin underwater and sppeding the frames up, and playing it backwards, always wanted to do clothes for a underwater shoot… one of the dreams..and in for zero gravity..hmm..maybe…yeah and dancing with the color ink underwater! yeah!! this gigantic tank of wayer with this flowy step dance, and this ink spiral enetring, in orange…haha!! noe there´s a nice freesyle session! gonzalo if u read this.. leyt know!

oki..leavin..want speakers, have noo musica for the buss, destroyed them completly, gotta buy some good earplugs! and fix my visa thats got unmagnetized in some weird way..again..and was thinkin for the bad weather places…imagine yellow coated eye lenses! (much cheaper than buying yellow coated eyewear, car windows and housewindows! yeah! hah! 🙂 hastaluego…